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Monday, 30 November 2015

All new Kindle Paperwhite 6" Display reviewk     

This is a review of the Kindle Paperwhite launched July 2015. Essentially. the same as the previous Kindle Paperwhite but with a fantastic upgraded (300 dpi) screen, more memory and storage it's a terrific reading device. This review aims to describe both this product, and compare it with the other Kindle devices available to help you choose the best one for you.
It's broken up into sections so you can skip the less interesting bits. If you’re in a hurry I’ve included a summary at the start, and a Frequently Asked Questions section at the end.
Summary - What can you do with it?
* Read a book. It can store 1,000s of books - take an entire library away with you on holiday.
* Buy a book. You can browse the Amazon kindle store, and buy books over a WIFI connection
* Borrow a book. Using the Kindle Owners Library you can borrow one of 60,000 books (if you have Amazon Prime Membership)
* Share your books. Using Amazon Family Library to link two Amazon accounts and four children and share your books with the entire family
* Highlight a section. Using the touch screen, you can highlight a particulary interesting few lines. If several people highlight the same section, that's also indicated.
* Record a bookmark. To come back to it later
* Read a book on your Kindle, continue on your smartphone or tablet computer, and it will jump to your last known position
* Look up a word, and record them in the vocabulary builder
* Track a characters appearance throughout a book using the “X Ray” feature.
* Read for weeks without needing to recharge - typically 4-6 weeks
* Share you books (Multiple Kindles on the same account, or "family sharing")
* Access every book you've ever owned "on the cloud" - available for download within seconds over WIFI or 3G..
What Devices are available?
As of July 2015, Amazon have the following Kindle devices on sale:-
1. Kindle 6"
2. Kindle Paperwhite 6th Generation (212 dpi - launched October 2013)
2. New Kindle Paperwhite 7th Gen (300 dpi - launched July 2015)
3. Kindle Voyger
4. Kindle Fire - 6" or 7" colour tablet computers at around
So you're faced with a few devices, plus additional options. Which to buy? Here's a quick summary in order of cost.
*** The entry level Kindle ***
An entry level black and white (e-ink) book reader, it has a 6 inch touch screen with enough storage to hold thousands of books, and a battery which should last around 4 weeks.
A terrific device to read books, and a worthy contender. For the technically minded, it has a 1Ghz processor and 4Gb of memory with an E-ink display. Essentially this means it's (a) Black and White (b) Fantastic to read even in bright sunlight (c) Requires very little power - hence the battery lasts for weeks instead of hours.
*** New Kindle Paperwhite ***
Launched in 2015, this is really an upgrade adding a super-sharp display with 300 pixels per inch - the same as the top of the range Voyage. The high resolution screen does provide a crisp text which is pleasing to the eye, but battery life is reduced from 8 weeks of the “original Paperwhite” to 6 weeks - but still a very long time.
Compared to the existing (2013) Paperwhite it also includes double the memory which means it’s faster and slicker than before, and a new “Bookerly” font plus better presentation of fonts on screen.
If you have an existing Paperwhite it’s probably not worth upgrading. However, if you own a prior device, you’ll notice the huge leap in screen quality, contrast and performance.
*** The Voyage ***
Far more expensive that Paperwhite, this is thinner and 26g lighter. It has more of a “quality” feel with the screen flush with the e-reader body which makes it look more like a tablet, and keeps direct from getting caught in the edges. The back has a “soft touch” plastic finish which feels lovely in the hand, and it has new “Page Press” buttons on the side to turn the pages. When the buttons are pressed there’s a gentle vibration for feedback (nice touch). It has 4Gb of storage (same as the Paperwhite), and a similar battery which should last around 6 weeks on a single charge.
Although it has the same sharp (300 dpi) screen as the Paperwhite, the backlight includes an ambient light sensor so it automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions. This means if you read it the dark it will automatically adjust the brightness so it doesn’t look too bright. In addition, you’ll find when you switch off the room light your eyes naturally become accustomed to the darkness. To compensate, the Voyage automatically softens the light slightly. A lovely example of attention to detail in this premium device.
*** Kindle Fire Tablet Computer ***
The "Kindle Fire” range is a very different beast to the rest of the Kindle range. Similar to the Apple iPad mini, it has a high resolution screen, a fast processor and lots of memory with a colour screen and a much shorter battery life - hours rather than weeks. Although you can read books on a “Fire” using the Amazon Kindle App, you’ll find the Kindle with it’s sharp black and white screen far more like reading a physical book. You’ll find it produces less eye strain, and whereas a tablet computer is better suited to surfing the web, watching videos and reading eMails, the Kindle is a dedicated “book reader” device.
Unlike a Kindle, the Fire produces light at the blue end of the spectrum which means it may make it harder for you to sleep. The Paperwhite and Voyage also ave the advantage of a soft white back-light which is far more suited to reading in bed, and it won’t for example, wake your partner if reading in the dark.
Finally, unlike the rest of the Kindle range, the Fire is almost useless in bright sunlight so while it’s fine for everyday use, it’s less useful on holiday. The Kindle range of devices are perfect to take away on holiday as they can carry thousands of books, and are a pleasure to read even in bright sunlight.
What other options do I have?
Having decided upon the model (Kindle, Paperwhite, Voyage or Fire), the next decision is around:-
* Special Offers - ie. adverts
* 3G or WIFI connection
Personally I have no issue with adverts on a Kindle. They only appear on screen when the screen saver is on, and are not at all distracting.
The 3G option is a more difficult question. This effectively means you can use your kindle to buy or download books “over-the-air” instead of at home or near a WIFI hotspot. Personally I went for the WIFI model as the saving is considerable, but it’s a personal choice. Of course if you won’t have WIFI at home, then you’ll need the 3G option.
One point worth mentioning however, is if you have a modern smartphone, you can always create a “Personal Hotspot” or local WIFI signal that your Kindle (or indeed any other WIFI device) can connect to. Got to Settings —> Personal Hotspot on your mobile to set one up, and you can connect your WIFI only Kindle while you’re out and about.
If you love books but your on a budget, the original Kindle with WIFI and special offers is a great option. You’ll still be able to carry thousands of book around with you, but you’ll lose out on the soft white back-light and super crisp display of the Papwerwhite.
The Kindle Paperwhite is your next best option and is a terrific device for reading with a superb 300 dpi super-sharp screen. Finally, there’s the top of the range Voyage with the “page press” buttons and ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness.
If you’re in the market for a “Tablet Computer” then the Kindle Fire range is worth considering, but you’ll get a better “book reading” experience on the Kindle. Myself I have both a Paperwhite and an iPad Air 2. I was skeptical at first, but the Kindle is a perfect device for reading with one hand (on the train), and the back-light and long battery life a huge bonus.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp calm on Sturridge injury

According to Jurgen Klopp , Daniel Sturridge's recent injury is not a cause of major concern .

Liverpool will be hosting Swansea on Sunday afternoon and despite the injury blow to their forward Sturridge, Liverpool fans will be with his latest medical report.
When question about the striker's current situation and if there was a possibility he could face the Swans, Klopp said: "I don't know. But five weeks in a row without playing means he needs matches. It is not that serious."

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Manchester City vs Juventus preview

Juventus vs Manchester city

The last time these 2 teams played in the Champions League , Juventus came from a goal behind to win 2-1  at the Etihad stadium with goals from strikers Mandzukic
and Morata.A win for either Juventus or Manchester City would result in qualification to the round of 16 while a draw would be enough for City to see themselves through
to the next round. Manchester City currently currently sit at the top of Group D with 9 points while Juventus have managed to secuRe 8 points from their 4 games .The other
2 teams Sevilla and Borussia Monchengladbach have performed rather poorly with 3 points and 2 points respectively.Sevilla might probably end up qualifying for the Europa league with a 3rd place to finish and winning it for the 3rd time in a row .

Juventus endured a terrible start to their Serie A campaign this season  being at the bottom half of the table but are now slowly starting to climb back up with 3 wins from their last 3 matches including a 3-1 victory against Empoli .The win against Milan mean Juevntus currently are in 6th position in the Serie A . Juventus weren't very convincing on the weekend in their win  against Milan where a second half strike from Dybala was enough to secure victory against a rather poor Milan side. Juve's new signing Mario Mandzukic hasn"t done very well so far in the Serie A with only 2 goals from 7 starts in
the league as The Old Ladt has suffered from the departure of star striker Carlos Tevez to Boca Juniors in the summer.On the other hand, Juan Cuadrado who arrived to Juve from Chelsea has had a good contribution to the team with 3 assists and a goal from his 6 starts. Pogba wasn't at his best vs  Milan but he will have to find his brilliant form again as Juventus look to go through to the next round .

Juventus are also facing an injury crisis as defender Patrice Evra and midfielder Sami Khedira have been rated doubtful for Wednesday"s clash with City. Both the player"s experience will be missed as they know what it takes to win this prestigious tournament. Hernanes has been sidelined for almost a month with a thigh injury although he is already suspended for the club's next two European games. Hernanes was injured in Saturday's clash with AC Milan and, although he played until halftime, the Brazilian man did not come back out for the second half.

Manchester City will be looking to recover from the back of a humiliating 4-1 defeat to Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool at the weekend.Manchester City are currently 3rd in theleague table and only 2 points behind league leaders Leicester City. City were at the top for quite a while but have lost the top spot after failing to win both of their last league games .

Manchester City's  new signings on the other hand have been far more impressive . De Bruyne who arrived from an impressive campaign at wolfsburg where he scored 16 goals and 27 assists  has found the back of he net thrice and has had 4 assits to his name in the English Premier League. Many thought the move would be unsuccessful since De Bruyne has strugged previously at Chelsea, but the Belgian has proved the doubters wrong so far .

While the 49 million signing from Liverpool, Raheem Sterling  has been one of city"s best performers . The move was heavily criticized and Sterling was considered to be overrated and overpriced , but the Liverpool signing  has scored 4 goals and 1 assist in the Premier League and seems to be getting only better with age on his side .

Their key player however will be fan-favorite Sergio Aguero .Aguero has had a few injury problems this season but is fit again and found the back of the net at the weekend vs Liverpool. His moment of the season was that brilliant 5-goal haul vs Newcastle United early on in the season  .  Aguero has had 7 goals from 9 games in the Premier League . Aguero has also made his mark in the Premier League and scored a brilliant hat-trick in the group stage to complete a comeback against Bayern Munich and he is known to deliver in the  the big games.

Manchester City will once again miss the absence of their captaian Vincent Kompany who also wasn't playing when they got thrashed by liverpool in the weekend and his absence will definitely be felt at the back again . Kompany is likely to reurn against Southampton on the weekend epl fixture. Another key player  David Silva is also doubtful for the clash against Juventus .

Influential midfielder Yaya Toure's performances haven't been up to the mark lately but City will hoping he can pull the strings in midfield in Wednesday's game.

It's pretty hard to call this game since both teams have been having their problems.City will definitely be more vulnerable at the back but Juventus also lack the firepower to take advantage of the absence of  Kompany.Overall it should be a pretty exciting and close fixture. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Top 10 substitutions in the history of football

Here we take a look at the some of the most inspiring substitutions that were made in the beautiful game. These substitutions are in no particular order .

10. Tim Krul vs Costa Rica FIFA World Cup quarterfinals
The Newcastle United goalkeeper came off the bench in the last minute of extra time and saved 2 penalties as the Dutch won 4-3 on penalties.

9.Nwankwo Kanu vs Chelsea , English Premier League
Kanu scored a 17 minute hat-trick for Arsenal against the Blues in the Stamford Bridge .

8.Kluivert vs AC Milan, 1995 Champions League Finals
Kluivert came off the bench s a substitute for Ajax to score a 85th minute winner as Ajax beat Milan 1-0 in Vienna.

7. Kevin Prince Boateng vs Leece, Serie A
Boateng scored a hat-trick in 14 minutes after coming off the bench against Leece as Milan won the game 4-3 thanks to Boateng's heroics.

6.Lars Ricken vs Juventus , 1997 Champions League final
The 20  year old substitute who was a local player of BVB received a through-pass from Andreas Muller only 16 seconds after coming off the bench and chipped the Juventus keeper with his first touch of the game to make it 3-1 for Borussia Dortmund.

5.Oliver Bierhoff vs Czech Republic , UEFA Euro 1996 Final
Bierhoff equalised for Germany in the 73rd minute and scored the golden goal in extra time as Germany won the game 2-1.

4.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Nottingham Forest , English Premier League
Solskjaer scored 4 goals in 12 minutes after coming on as a second half substitue.

3.Sherringham and Solskjaer vs Bayern Munchen, 1999 Champions League Finals
In what was one of the most memorable Champions league finals , United were trailing 1-0 to Bayern and substitue Sherrimgham managed to get the ball in the bottom corner after Bayern failed to clear the ball properly in extra time.

Less than 30 seconds after play resumed again , United won another corner and substitute Solskjaer poked the ball into the roof of Bayern's net and United won 2-1 with 2 injury time goals.

2.Mario Gotze vs Argentina ,2014 World Cup finals.
Super Mario came on for the legendary Klose and controlled Schurrle's cross with his chest and then volleyed it into the goal to win Germany their 4th World Cup title.

1.Robert Lewandowski vs Wolfsburg, Bundesliga
The Polish international was subbed on by Guardiola in the second half against Wolfsburg as Bayern were chasing the game and Lewandowski managed to score 5 goals in 9 minutes and Bayern won the game 5-1.

Lewandowski vs Aguero vs Ronaldo : Who's 5 goal haul was better ?

These 3 players are one of the most deadly attackers in world football and are known of their pace, dribbling, vision and finishing abilities . All three have scored 5 goals in one game in each of their respective leagues and we take a look at who did it the best . 

We shall use 5 categories to decide the winner.

Lewandowski comes out on top easily as he came off the bench against Wolfsburg and took just 9 minutes to score his 5 goals , the fastest by any player in the history of Bundesliga. Aguero took 20 minutes to score his 5 goals against Newcastle United and it was the fastest by any player in the English Premier League. Ronaldo's 5 goals against Espanyol stretched from the 7th minute to the 81st minute ,a time span of 74 minutes.  Thus lewandowski is the outright winner of this round .

2.Quality of opposition
Wolfsburg currently sit in 9th position in the Bundesliga while Espanyol are in 10th place in La Liga. Meanwhile Newcastle United are in the relegation zone . Thus Lewandowski and Ronaldo come out on top in this round. 

3. Strength of opposition's defense
In this round we take a look at how strong the defenses of the opposition are in the League.Lewandowski's 5 goals came against a Wolfsburg side that have conceded 10 goals in their 8 league game with an average of just over 1 goal per game. Espanyol have let in 16  goals in their 7 games with an average of over 2 goals per game. Newcastle with the worst defense among the three having conceded 17 goals in 6 games. Lewandowski once again comes out on top having faced a team with a better defensive record .

4. Penalties
Lewandowski and Aguero both scored all their goals without the help of any penalties while Ronaldo was awarded 1 penalty  .

5. Quality of goals
Ronaldo's best goal among his top 5 was his first which was a well taken goal as he curled it low into the right hand side of the net.  Aguero's best goals included a beautiful  chip over the Newcastle goalkeeper Krul  and an unstoppable goal from just outside the box as Aguero switched it on to his right foot  and curled it in with the ball just bending into the goal at the last moment leaving no chance for the goalkeeper. Lewandowski had 2 goals which stood out of the top 5 . His second was a superb inch perfect goal from distance as he whacked it in the bottom left corner of the goal. And he saved the best for his last goal as Gotze delivered the cross from the right wing and the Polish international struck the cross with an absolutely delightful scissors kick smashing the ball into the corner and there was just no stopping that . So thanks to his scissors key Lewandowski comes out on top of this round yet again. 

Since Lewandowski won each and every round of this segment , we can say that the Bayern hitman's 5 goals were the most impressive and entertaining . 

Bayern Munich join the race to sign Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi .

Sources claim that Bayern Munich is interested in signing the central defender from Valencia to further strengthen their squad. Mustafi was part of the Germany's world cup winning squad in 2015 and Guardiola is a fan of the ex-Everton defender .

Mustafi had signed for Valencia on 7th August 2014 for an undisclosed fee and has been an impressive player for Valencia ever since and helped earn Valencia a place in the Champions league as they finished 4th in La Liga last season.

Bayern will be looking to complete the transfer in the January transfer window with reported interest from various top clubs including Manchester United ,Barcelona and Real Madrid who are also keen to make a move for the German international .

Monday, 5 October 2015

Match report : Arsenal vs Manchester United

The odds were definitely in United's favour heading into Sunday's clash with Arsenal coming off the back of a Champions league defeat to Olompiacos while United recording a victory against Wolfsburg and a victory for United meaning they would be back again at the top of the table. Also, the last time Arsenal beat United in the League was in May 2011 , so the pressure was definitely on Arsene Wenger's side.

But finally when the dust settled  and all was said and done Arsenal thrashed United 3-0 in the Emirates stadium with a brace from Sanchez and a goal from Ozil as Arsenal climbed up to second position in the league table.

Arsenal had made 4 changes to the side that was beaten by Olompiacos with Cech returning back in goal . United made 2 changes from their last game with Carrick playing instead of Schneiderlin and Ashley Young in for Valencia at left full-back.

Early on Arsenal got a free kick just outside the box but Santi Cazorla's effort was too straight forward and De Gea had no problem in dealing with it .

It all started in the 6th minute , Arsenal started at attack down the left wing . The ball was played to  right back Hector Bellerin by Ozil and Bellerin got past Ashley Young just outside the box  but his cross was intercepted  by Daley Blind but it was a poor clearance from the Dutchman and Arsenal got back possession . Ramsey played it through to Mesul Ozil who fed it Sanchez who converted brilliantly from the near post for Arsenal's first goal.

Just one minute after the first goal Arsenal were on the counter again . Sanchez brilliantly flicked the ball to Ozil . Ozil passed it on to Walcott in the box who was surrounded by 4 United players but picked out Ozil who continued his run into the box and the ex-madrid playmaker  slotted it into the bottom left-corner leaving absolutely no chance for De gea .

In the 20th minute ,Arsenal stared moving  up the pitch again and Ramsey played a brilliant pass to Sanchez and the Chilean took it past Matteo Darmian , went past another defender , switched it on to his right foot and absolutely smashed it into the the top right corner. It was   a screamer from Sanchez who has found his form again with 6 goals in his last games and De Gea again with no chance of stopping it .

Mid-way through the first half , Arsenal started an attack again , Santi Cazorla  headed it cleverly over Schweinsteiger's head but his shot from outside the box  couldn't find the target.

The first half was all-arsenal and in the 35th minute  Arsenal started yet another attack down the left wing  with Sanchez pulling off some step-overs and played it to Ozil and Arsenal played a few passes in United's box and finally Sanchez picked out Ramsey with a brilliant cross who is open but Ramsey fires it way over the crossbar. It really should have been 4-0 but Ramsey with a poor finish.

Towards the end of the first half , United started an attack and Antony Martial gets the ball in the 6 yard area with his back to goal and sends Mertesacker the wrong way but Cech saves it brilliantly with his leg and the game goes into half time .

Just a few minutes into the second half Ashley Young runs into Arsenal's half , cuts inside and takes a shot but it's a comfortable save for Petr Cech.

In the 53rd minute , Arsenal got a free  kick outside the box . Ozil took it but his shot was straight at the wall and Ozil fired the rebound way off target .

Manchester United got a corner in the 62nd which is headed away by an Arsenal defender  not too far away and  United regain possession but Rooney's effort was saved by Petr Cech with a diving effort to his left . Another good save by Petr Cech.

United started another attack with some good passes around the penalty area and Schweinsteiger is one-on-one but his first touch is too heavy and Cech takes it away from Germany's captain.

In the 70th minute , Mata gets the ball outside  Arsenal's penalty area but he can't convert what was a difficult chance.

A few minutes later , Monreal made a run down the left wing  and laid it on to Ozil who shot it straight at De Gea.

Towards the end of the game , Arsenal started another counter attack and Chamberlain got the ball on the right wing , made his way into  United's penalty area and passed it to Giroud who shot it low but the effort was straight at De Gea. Poor finish from the Frenchman.

In injury time , United lost the ball in the centre of the pitch and Chamberlain was released in the penalty area by a through ball and 'The Ox'  chipped it over De Gea but his effort hit the crossbar and went out of play .

The final whistle blew at the Emirates stadium and Arsenal got their first victory over United in four and a half years . Arsenal set this game up with three early outstanding goals and Cech was able to save everything that United threw at him .

United missed out on the chance of reaching the top of the table and Arsenal by far the better team and a deserved win for them . Arsenal right back in the title race with this victory .